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VATSALA IMPEX PVT LTD.is a manufacturer, exporter, trader since1991, dealing in cotton and allied products. We deal in Lint Cotton, Cleaned Cotton, Cotton Comber Noils, Cotton flat, Cotton lickerin, Yarn waste, oe yarn, ring yarn, pc break comber, process cotton , cotton break comber, denim fabric, cotton fabric. We are serving Spinning, Beauty, Hygiene, Paper and Hospitality Industries. Our products are manufactured according to buyers specifications and set quality systems. Quality and buyer satisfaction is our motto and we maintain the predefined quality standards to ensure our buyers requirement. We are working with some of best known names in their fields and are pioneer in developing unique products for our user industry. We keep a tap on the latest developments in the Industry with latest technology and products. Our traceability system traces the raw materials used, the quantities of products shipped .

Our Products

Cotton Dropping & Lickerin

Length:-20mm to 28mm

Trash:-20% to 70%

Cotton Comber Noil

Length:-17mm to 20mm


Cotton Flat Waste

Length:-23mm to 27mm

Trash:-3% to 15%

Process Cotton

Length:-21mm to 26mm

Trash:-7% to 18%

Opened/Ring Frame Yarn

2 count to 20 count

20 count to 80 count

Denim plant waste

3m to 15m long

Deals in denim fabric and all other type of fabric and manufacture denim jeans

Break comber replacement of comber noil& cotton consumption

1. 0.5% polyster 1-2% thread

2. 100% cotton break comber

3. 30%polyster 70% cotton

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